Commonwealth Games Trivia Questions & Answers

1.The Commonwealth Games are the third largest multi-sport event in the world, after ...;

2.The motto of the Commonwealth Games is?

3.In 1928 the Commonwealth Games where know as? [The B------ E----- G----]

4.Lawn bowler Willie Wood from Scotland is the first competitor to have competed?

5.As of 2010, which country has been the highest scoring team at the most games? Australia, Canada, England, New Zealand, Scotland and Wales

6.The first time the games had a mascot was in 1978 in Edmonton Canada. What was the mascot? [------- B---]

7.The Commonwealth Games Relay Baton has traditionally contained?

8.The 2010 games in India was the second time the games have been held in Asia. Which Asian country held the games previously?

9.Which country will hold the 2014 Commonwealth Games? [-----o-]

10.What is the second most populous nation that competes in the Commonwealth Games?

11.Which of these nations has never competed in the Commonwealth Games?

12.Which of these nations has competed in the Commonwealth Games?

13.Did England or India win more gold medals at the 2010 Commonwealth games?

14.Which two teams appeared in the Netball final at the 2010 Commonwealth Games? [--------- and --- -------]

15.The opening and closing ceremonies were held at?

16.The opening ceremony was attended by Sir Anand Satyanand, the Governor General of which country?

17.Which country, whose team has been described as the perennial crowd favourites in the rugby 7s, was unable to compete after being suspended from the Commonwealth due to a military coup?

18.Shera the games mascot is what type of animal?

19.Did Scotland, Nigeria or Kenya win the most gold medals at the games?

20.Two athletes at the games tested positive for Methylhexaneamine, which country were they from?

21.Australia beat India 8 nil in the men's hockey final. How many hockey Commonwealth gold medals have the Australian won in succession?

22.Which country won both the men's and women's marathon gold?

23.Archery events at the games were split into?

24.Which country won the volleyball men's gold?

25.Women's non-rhythmic gymnastics consisted of 6 events, how many events made up the men's competition?

26.What four events made up the women's rhythmic gymnastics? ---e ---l ---p -----n

27.Name the four events making up the athletics-throw category. ---- --- ------ ----- ------ ----- ------- -----

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