Colours Trivia Questions & Answers

1.What colour was the Libyan flag that was endorsed by Muammar al-Gaddafi in 2010?

2.What is the name for a fox hunter's red coat? [P----]

3.What is the nickname of the New Zealand soccer team?

4.What term is used to describe an unexpected drop in voltage of electricity supply?' [----- ---]

5.What was the name of the girl's gang in the film Grease? [--- P--- L----s]

6.What was the nickname of the publication containing the Thoughts of Chairman Mao?

7.What was defined by physicist James Clark Maxwell in the 19th Century? [T-- P------ C------]

8.Who came second behind Michael Johnson in the 1996 men's Olympic 400m final? [Michael B----]

9.How many standard Crayola crayon colours are there?

10.In the World Wide Web HTML colour scheme #FFFFFF represents?

11.Does red or blue come from a shorter wavelength of Electromagnetic radiation?

12.You can create a secondary colour by mixing two? [------- -------]

13.What two colours can be seen on the Chinese national flag?

14.The standard colour Bubbles from the Color List is a shade of?

15.The "Royal blue" garments traditionally worn by the British monarchy are actually red in colour. True or False?

16.Stars in the night sky that appear red are than stars that appear blue.

17.The New Zealand Rugby Union team are known as the All?

18.A cat that has a coat with patches of red, brown or black, chocolate, cream, or cinnamon is known as a? [-------------]

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