City Of Christchurch Trivia Questions & Answers

1.Christchurch was named by?

2.I am the geographical centre of Christchurch and home to the cities Anglican cathedral. My name is? [C-------- S-----]

3.What happened in 1947 at Ballantynes Department Store?

4.As at 2010 Christchurch City Council comprised the Mayor of Christchurch and how many councillors?

5.Which of these is not a higher education organisations does not have a campus in Christchurch?

6.Complete the name of these Christchurch places of interest? [C---- Theatre Christchurch C----o B----- of R--------ce]

7.Harry Ell, born 1862 died 1934, was a strong advocate for what scenic Christchurch place of interest? [------ ----]

8.I was built in 1867. I am widely renowned and have over two million collection item. What am I? [---------- M-----]

9.Where would you go in Christchurch to see an Avro 626 or Vickers Vildebeest?

10.Ian Brackenbury Channell a famous speech at speakers corner in Christchurch is known as?

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