City of Chicago Trivia Questions & Answers

1.A nickname for Chicago is? T-- W---- C---

2.Which of these movies is not set in Chicago?

3.What native American tribe lived in the area that is now Chicago?

4.Buddy GuyFreddie King, Magic Sam and Syl Johnson are leading proponents of what music genre? Chicago -----

5.The estimated 2008 population of Chicago is?

6.Chicago is in which county?

7.The animal inspired NFL team based in Chicago is the? Chicago -----

8.Willis Tower, the tallest building in Chicago was previously known as? S---- Tower

9.In 1983 Harold Washington became Chicago's first what? B---- M----

10.I was built in Chicago in 1914, originally named as Weeghman Park. I can seat 41 thousand people. What am I? W------ Field

11.In 1955 Ray Kroc opened the first of something in the suburb of DesPlaines near Chicago. What was it? M--------

12.In 1994 the opening ceremony of what was held in Chicago? S----- ----- ---

13.What is the missing word in this Chicago quote? Chicago is unique. It is the only completely -------- city in America. Charles Merriam, an unsuccessful mayoral candidate in 1911

14.What are the missing two words in this Chicago quote? I miss everything about Chicago, except J------ and F------- Gary Cole

15.Chicago is the home to how many Fortune 1000 company headquarters?

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