Chelsea Football Club Trivia Questions & Answers

1.Chelsea was founded in?

2.Chelsea won its first league championship in?

3.Frank Lampard was Chelsea player of the year in?

4.Which song, release before the 1972 League Cup Final featured the entire Chelsea squad singing? [---- is --- C-----]

5.Complete the names of these Chelsea managers Dave S----n Ruud G----t G--- H---ink Ted D---e

6.Chelsea's highest home attendance was 82,905 for a First Division match against who on 12 October 1935?

7.Roman Abramovich made the money that enabled him to buy Chelsea in the?

8.Bobby Tambling played for Chelsea from 1959 to 1970. How many goals did he score?

9.In August 1928 Chelsea became to the first English club to play with? [s---t n------]

10.Who did Chelsea face in the FA Cup final in 1970?

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