Cats Trivia Questions & Answers

1.Unscramble these cat breed names Nasiysinab Iblseaen Serubem

2.An adult human has 206 bones, how many does a cat have?

3.Unscramble these common cat names: Gitreg Egtir Sma Hdwaos Iseprcsn Aaamtnhs

4.What is the name of Arlene the cat's boyfriend?

5.You would find Rum Tum Tugger, Bustopher Jones, Old Deuteronomy and Macavity in?

6.What is a clowder?

7.What is the largest feline?

8.Siberian Tigers can grow up to?

9.A Felis silvestris is a?

10.What is the final word from this saying Dogs have masters cats have S-------

11.What are the missing words from this saying? When the cat's ----, the ---- will ----

12.The Maine Coon cat breed can grow to?

13.A cat's tapetum lucidum is on it's?

14.The average life expectancy for male indoor cats at birth is?

15.Semi-Foreign, Semi-Cobby and Cobby are the type of cat?

16.The cougar or puma is also known by what another name?

17.What are the colours of the striped hat of Dr Seuss' "Cat In The Hat"?

18.What anatomical feature is missing from a Manx cat? [---l]

19.On TV's "Sabrina The Teenage Witch," what was the name of Sabrina's cat?

20.In Australian football, which AFL team's nickname is the "Cats"?

21.The breed of the cat, the [---d--l] got its name from the fact that the cat tends to go limp when it is picked up.

22.A female cat used for breeding is known by which royal title?

23.Who voiced the swashbuckling cat in the 2011 film "Puss In Boots"?

24.In American football, which NFL team does NOT have a species of big cat as its nickname?

25.Which breed of cat originated in Canada?

26.Which 1960s TV series featured Clarence the cross-eyed lion?

27.What is the name of the Egyptian cat goddess?

28.Which of these is NOT a word for "cat" in a non-English language?

29.According to a Carl Sandburg poem, "the [f--] comes on little cat feet".

30.Which 1978 movie features a cat named Zunar J5/90 Doric 4-7, or Jake?

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