British Sports Trivia Questions & Answers

1.In which month does the grouse-shooting season begin?

2.In which sport is the Catalans Dragons and Celtic Crusaders top-flight teams?

3.In which sport did Rachael Heyhoe Flint acheived worldwide fame?

4.In which sport did Tony Nash and Robin Dixon win Olympic Gold in 1964?

5.In which sport do Blondie compete against Osiris?

6.In which sport is Doggett's Coat and Badge contested?

7.In which town famous for winter sports in Scotland does the annual dog sledge rally take place - the largest of its kind in Europe?

8.On which racecourse is the 1000 Guineas run?

9.Over which racecourse is the Greenham Stakes run?

10.The Grace Gates are a feature of which sporting venue?

11.The Iroquois cup is contested annually by English club sides, but in what sport? Croquet, Lacrosse or Badminton?

12.The longest Test match in cricketing history took place between England and South Africa in March 1939. How many days of play did it last?

13.The MacRobertson International Shield contested by Australia, Great Britain, the USA and New Zealand, was first held in 1925. In which sport?

14.Walter Winterbottom was appointed to which newly-created post in 1946?

15.What are Torvill and Deans first names?

16.What comes next in the following sequence from greyhound racing Red, Blue, White, Black, Orange, __? [----- and -----]

17.What did West Ham Utd do in 1975 that has never been done since?

18.What does the acronym LOCOG stand for? [------ ---------- --------- of the ------- ----- and ---------- -----]

19.What is the British equivalent of the Tour de France?

20.What is the cricketing term for a batsman being bowled out by the first ball he faces?

21.What is the name given to the line on a snooker table from behind which the cue ball is first played? [B----]

22.What is the name of the racecourse which hosts the Grand National?

23.What is the term used for an Oxford or Cambridge student who represents their university at any sporting event? [A ----]

24.What car did Colin MacRae drive in the World Rally Championship?

25.What sporting event for runners takes place on Tyneside each year? [The ----- N---- ---]

26.Where in the UK is the annual Festival of Speed held? [G-------]

27.Which British association football team has the nickname 'the Rams'?

28.Which British racing motorcyclist won the 500cc world championship in 1976 and 1977 with a total of 11 victories? [B---- ------]

29.Which county cricket clubs home ground is Headingley?

30.Which creature is the fastest animal used in sport? [------ ------]

31.Which cricketer said, in 2008: My diet was sausages then, in no particular order, sausages, chips, sausages, toast, sausages, beans, sausages, cheese, sausages, eggs, and the occasional sausage. [Marcus T----------]

32.Which cricketer with a peculiar bowling action became the first to take 800 test wickets?

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