British General Knowledge Trivia Questions & Answers

1.A number 10 cat was once officially given the title Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office. True or False?

2.Nigel Benn and Chris Eubank competed in which sport?

3.In 2010 Colin Firth won an Oscar for his role in?

4.Who did Rowan Williams replace as Archbishop of Canterbury?

5.The IPad 1 uses a?

6.Early 1900s blues guitarist Robert Johnson was rumoured to have?

7.HMS Ark Royal was?

8.The 20-meter (66 ft) tall steel sculpture by Anthony Gormley, located in Gateshead England, of a man with outstretched wing-like arms, is known locally as The Gateshead Flasher, its actual name is

9.Who starred in the 1960s series The Saint? [----- ----]

10.In which television series might you see Victor Meldrew say "Unbelievable!"

11.Which animated film about fish contains the line : Fish are friends, not food. [F------ ----]

12.The Nut is part of a?

13.Benjamin Britten was a famous British?

14.In the context of the government, the OPSI is?

15.The Royal Throne is only repaired using wood from the Royal Oak that stands in the grounds of Windsor Castle. True or False?

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