Britian History Trivia Questions & Answers

1.What was the occupation of Frank Lloyd Wright?

2.What was the real first name of Coco Chanel? [G--------]

3.What was Bonnie and Clyde's surnames? [P----- and B-----]

4.Where is Nelson buried? [----------- -----]

5.In what country was Charlie Chaplin born?

6.Which 60s singer was born Marie McDonald Lawrie? [----]

7.Which actor is married to French singer Vanessa Paradis? [------ ----]

8.Which actor played the part of Professor Peter Boyd in the 1951 film 'Bedtime for Bonzo' and himself in a cameo role in 'Air Force One' in 2001? [R----- R-----]

9.Which actress is the child of Eddie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds? [C----- F-----]

10.Which American Indian is buried at Gravesend, Kent? [P---------]

11.Which architect designed the Royal Observatory in Greenwich? [--- ----------- ----]

12.Which artist painted the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper?

13.Which castle in West Sussex is the home of the Duke of Norfolk? [A-----l]

14.Which cathedral city was the birthplace of Christopher Marlowe, English dramatist, poet and translator of the Elizabethan era? [C---------]

15.Which celebrity was born River Jude Bottom?

16.Which child film star became US ambassador to Ghana in 1974? [S------ T-----]

17.Which Classic FM presenter was famous for a sex scandal involving a Chelsea football shirt? [David M-----]

18.Which comedian played the character, Mrs Merton? [Caroline A-----]

19.Which English philosopher wrote Leviathan, in which he described life in a state of nature as 'nasty brutish and short'? [Thomas H-----]

20.Which fashion designer with a musical father married Alasdhair Willis in Scotland in 2003? [Stella ---------]

21.Which female scientist has an asteroid named after her, whilst chemical element 96 was named in honour of her and her husband? [M---- -----]

22.Which football manager is known for his close association with faith healer Eileen Drewery? [Glen H-----]

23.Which former supermodel has released several fitness videos, worked on several lines of furniture and was married to Richard Gere? [C---- --------]

24.Which former thief and MBE was the founder of the Big Issue? [John ----]

25.Which future UK leader was rejected from a job with ICI in 1948 because, in the words of their interviewer, they were belligerent, obstinate and dangerously opinionated?

26.Which Italian-born Gangster was imprisoned for tax evasion in 1931?

27.Which multinational chain of stores was founded by Ingvar Kamprad, who, according to some sources, is now the richest man in the world? [----]

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