City of Bristol Trivia Questions & Answers

1.Llandoger Trow is a building that dates from 1664 and is located on King Street. What sort of building is it?

2.I am an annual festival held in Bristol during August in which teams from all over the world congregate to participate in mass ascents. What am I? [Bristol I------------ B-----N F----A]

3.On the site of modern Bristol, the ancient town of Brycgstow existed 1000 years ago. What is this ancient name thought to mean?

4.The IATA call sign for Bristol airport is?

5.Opened in 1840 as the western terminus of the Great Western Railway, over 7 million people use me a year. My name is taken from a nearby Church. What am I? [T----- M---- R------ S------]

6.I am an academy award winning animation studio based in Bristol. My name is alliteration. One of my most well-known characters is called Wallace. What am I? [----man -n-------s]

7.Bristol's population in the year 1377 was thought to be?

8.Originally I was to be called Merchants Quarter. I cost over 500 million pounds to build. I am adjacent to Broadmead. What am I?

9.I was launched with the aim of stimulating people?s minds and passions and I award an annual 10,000-pound book prize. What am I? [B------ F------- of I----]

10.Name the theatre company based at the Theatre Royal, King Street. [Bristol O-- ---]

11.Bristol's coat of arms features a ship, a castle, two unicorns and a Latin motto that translates into English as what?

12.Laurence Olivier opened the Bristol [O-- V--] Theatre School in 1946.

13.On 2nd May 1497, who set sail from Bristol on the Matthew on a discovery expedition, landing at what is now Newfoundland or Cape Breton Island on 24th June?

14.Bristol is just under 40 kms. west of London driving on the M4.

15.In 1847, the Fry's factory in Union Street, Bristol made the first-ever commercially produced what?

16.What enigmatic British artist, featured in the 2010 documentary "Exit Through The Gift Shop," was part of Bristol's DryBreadZ Crew graffiti group in the 1990s? [---ksy]

17.A person from Bristol, England is known as what?

18.Bristol lies at the confluence of the River Avon and which another river?

19.Which famous movie star was born in Bristol in 1904?

20.What Bristol bridge that opened in 1864 spans the Avon Gorge and was designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel?

21.Bristol's own Bristol Rovers football club was named what when it was first formed in 1883?

22.Bristol sits between which two historic counties of England?

23.The single "Unfinished Sympathy" is from which DJ and the trip-hop duo from Bristol?

24.In the Bristol dialect, the word "kinave" means "can I have."

25.Founded in 1979, the Bristol International [B------ F-----] is held annually in Ashton Court in August.

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