City of Brisbane Trivia Questions & Answers

1.As at 2010, the Firebirds play in what league?

2.Convict Laborers build this building in Wickham Park in the 1800s. It was the first home of the Queensland Museum. What is the name of the building? [--- Old --------]

3.What multi-national, multi-sport event was held in Brisbane in 1982? [------------ -----]

4.Campbell Newman was the Lord Mayor of Brisbane in 2010. In Duntroon, he was given a nickname for his traits in the army. What was his moniker?

5.What Aboriginal Australian group inhabited the region before European colonies settled in?

6.Story bridge, spanning the Brisbane River, connects Fortitude Valley to what suburb? [-------- -----]

7.What is the name of the group of Australian tertiary institutions to which University of Queensland, Brisbane belong?

8.Queensland's first European settlement was at Redcliffe, north of Brisbane's central business district. In what year did the first settlers arrive?

9.Local indigenous people knew Brisbane as the "place shaped as aspike" or ?

10.This is a name given to the city as a homage for the local's nightlife and its over-all party vibe? [---- -----]

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