Australian Sports Trivia Questions & Answers

1.Which of these is not one of the three main codes of "footy" played in Australia?

2.In what game might you see a six, a Yorker and a bouncer?

3.She is the only golfer to have won five separate events recognised as majors by the LPGA. She qualified for the World Golf Hall of Fame in 2000; inducted in 2005. [Karrie W---]

4.Name the Brazilian martial art that was disguised by the slaves that developed it as a dance.

5.As of 2011, The Cricket World Cup has been held 10 times, Australia has won how many times?

6.The first Standardbred horse to earn (US) one million dollars in prize money was?

7.Australia will host the AFC Asian Cup in the year?

8.Deaf Matildas' first major tournament was the ____ Games held in Australia in 2005

9.Which of the following were not added to the Australian Institute of Sport's (AIS) 'Best of the Best' Hall of Fame on 4th November 2011?

10.The best female athlete in the world in 2011, making her the first Australian to be given the official title by the IAAF was?

11.She beat three-time champion Serena Williams in the US Open final in September and she won her first grand slam title in 2011.

12.The fastest man in water after winning 100 metres freestyle at 2011 World Aquatics Championships was [James Mag------]

13.Who was Inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 2001? His career achievements include being ranked #1 in the world for 331 weeks.

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