Australian Sporting Heroes Trivia Questions & Answers

1.My nickname was Tugga or Iceman. I am a batsman and I made my test debut in 1985. I played my last test in 2004. Who am I? [----e W----]

2.I played for the ACT Brumbies and the Wallabies. In 2010 I signed with the Melbourne Rebels. My first name is a city in Scotland. [S------- M-------]

3.Snr was born in 1961, Jnr was born in 1984. They both played for the Cats. In 2000 Snr was involved in a controversy involving a fatal drug overdose. [---- A-----]

4.Complete the names of these Australian Swimming legends Kie--- P-----s --n --orpe ---n F----r

5.The Bathurst 1000 winners trophy carries my name. I achieved my 10th win at Bathurst in 2003. [----- -----]

6.I am a Polish-born Australian swimmer with a distinctive bald head. I was an Australian male swimmer of the year in 1997. [----ael K---]

7.Vicki Wilson was a member of which Australian national team for fifteen years?

8.Nick Green, James Tomkins, Mike McKay, and Sam Patten were known as? [Oa----e F------e]

9.Duncan Armstrong represented Australia in?

10.In 2006 the Australian World Cup Football team exited at which round?

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