Australian Random Trivia Questions & Answers

1.What is the New South Wales Floral emblem?

2.What is the highest point in South Australia?

3.In 1954 future Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke made it into the Guinness Record Book for what reason?

4.In terms of land mass, the country of Australia ranks ?

5.Which three countries are part of the ANZUS treaty?

6.What is an ABN?

7.What does ASIC stand for?

8.The regular meeting between Australia's federal and state governments are referred to as COAG, what does COAG stand for?

9.What's the next line of this famous Slim Dusty song? I love to have a beer with Duncan I love to have a beer with Dunc. We drink in moderation And we never ever ever get rollin' drunk

10.What state is Port Macquarie in?

11.According to the 2010 CIA World Factbook, what is the only country listed that does not have a bigger population than Australia?

12.As of 2010 how many Nobel Prize winners had Australia produced?

13.Where are Sandgropers from?

14.As of 2010 about how many people are in the Australian Army?

15.What is Australia's accepted floral emblem? G------ W-----

16.Which of these cities never used tram transport?

17.In which Australian city is a memorial to the Tolpuddle Martyrs?

18.What do the letters QANTAS stand for?

19.What is Crux Australis better known as? -------- -----

20.Surfers Paradise was previously called?

21.Which state or territory was the first to give women the vote?

22.These four have all? Archer Peter Pan Rain Lover Think Big [w-- t-- M-------- C-- t----]

23.Paterson wrote the words of Waltzing Matilda in?

24.Who said All the way with LBJ?

25.Which person is connected to all of these characters B. McKenzie L. Patterson E. Everage [B---- H--------]

26.Who wrote the popular hit song that starts Two little boys had two little toys each had a wooden horse? [Ted E---]

27.Archibald, the man who founded the Archibald prize for portraiture made his fortune in?

28.Which of these countries has a greater population than Australia?

29.Who visited Australia first George Bass or Matthew Flinders?

30.40% of the worlds known uranium reserves are at the South Australian?

31.As of 2010, Australia was the worlds?

32.The Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation is also known as?

33.The floating of the Australian dollar occurred in?

34.English is Australia's official language?

35.A secret declaration of love has been discovered in the 1890 painting Spring by which Australian landscape painter? [A----r --------]

36.Who preceded John Gorton as Prime Minister?

37.Who succeeded John Gorton as Prime Minister?

38.As at 2010 the majority of Australia print media is owned by which two large companies? [---s --rpo------ and F------ M----]

39.Australia rests on the tectonic plate called the?

40.Australia is the world's largest inhabited island and the smallest continent. True or False?

41.Granny Smith apples originated in Australia. True or False?

42.The Barkly Tableland is primarily in Western Australia. True or False?

43.Australian women born in 2006 have a life expectancy of?

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