Australian Prime Ministers Trivia Questions & Answers

1.Who was the first Roman Catholic Prime Minister of Australia?

2.Holt was a federal parliamentarian for 32 years, the same as Robert Menzies.

3.Who was Australia's first Prime Minister?

4.Who is the longest serving Labor Prime Minister?

5.Who is Australia's longest-lived Prime Minister?

6.Gough Whitlam was dubbed 'the young _______' when he entered parliament because of his height (194cm) and imperious bearing.

7.Which Australian Prime Minister went to school with the film star Errol Flynn at Shore?

8.Who was Australia's Prime Minister when the first browser program (the world wide web) went on sale and transformed the Internet paths to a global network?

9.Who was the Governor General when Gough Whitlam was dismissed?

10.Who was the youngest ever Prime Minister?

11.Therese Rein is the fourth prime ministerial wife with a university degree.

12.Australia's longest serving Prime Minister Robert Menzies was Prime Minister for?

13.Which Australian Prime Minister was named after a famous British Prime Minister?

14.Which Australian Prime Minister is descended from convict Mary Wade who was transported to New South Wales in 1789 at the age of 11?

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