Australian Planes, Trains & Autos Trivia Questions & Answers

1.The Holden Commodore was first produced in?

2.If you were driving an FPV you would be driving a?

3.Hamersley & Robe River railway, Mount Newman railway and Goldsworthy railway are?

4.In 2004 a 1420 km railway between which two cities was opened? [----- ------- and ------]

5.How many rail regulatory organisations are there in Australia?

6.The Royal Australian Air Force has never operated a French-designed aircraft. True or False?

7.2010 saw the RAAF bring which aircraft into active service?

8.The Statesman is automobile model produced by?

9.In Australia Standard gauge rail track is in width.

10.In 2009 the busiest freight route out of Melbourne Airport was?

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