Australian Painters Trivia Questions & Answers

1.Initially, hat was the major source of inspiration for the first painters, who arrived from Europe to colonial Australia?

2.What was the first significant art movement in Australia?

3.What artist is believed to form the foundation of the Australian style of painting?

4.Frederick McCubbin is usually mentioned as the most impressionistic among the Australia-born painters. What is the most known work of this painter?

5.What Australian city became a cradle of modernism movement in Australia?

6.One of the Australian painters described his work as 'a confused mix of landscape, animals, and Aboriginal culture, with a kind of Bible overtone'. Who was that painter?

7.What is the name of a modern Australian artist, who used to scrape back the black oil and wax from her paintings to reveal the underlying image?

8.Which of these painting are by Russel Drysdale?

9.Papunya Tula was an example of the art movement in contemporary Australian painting. Who participated in this movement?

10.Richard Larter is often regarded as the?grandfather? of Pop art in Australia. What did Larter use instead of a brush for making his masterpieces?

11.Michael Johnson represents a new generation of abstractionists in Australia. What specific technique did he often use on his paintings?

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