Australian History 1950s Trivia Questions & Answers

1.Petrol rationing was ended in?

2.Which US Rat Packer had a number 1 hit in Australia with Memories are Made of This, in 1956?

3.In 1957 who won the design competition for the Sydney Opera House? [Jo-- U----]

4.In 1957 Slim Dusty won a gold record for [A Pub With -- ----]

5.The first Miles Franklin Literary Award in 1957 was awarded to the novel Voss by?

6.R. Benaud was a member of the 1954-55 Australian Cricket team. He was a?

7.In 1954 Vladimir Petrov made headlines when he?

8.19 December 1955 saw the debut of which character played by Barry Humphries? [---- ---- -------]

9.Who was Prime Minister in 1959?

10.In January 1959 which town officially became a city?

11.In 1953 Beaconsfield in Tasmania became the first town in Australia to?

12.On 1st September 1951, The Anzus Treaty was signed, which countries were involved?

13.On 1st March 1951, The Bank of Australasia merges with the Union Bank of Australia to form?

14.In 1952 where might you find Owen Dixon?

15.In 1957 which highly popular nightly variety television show was launched in Melbourne? [-- M-------- Tonight]

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