Australian Deadly Animals Trivia Questions & Answers

1.I inhabit Australian waters. I am responsible for more deaths in Australian than Snakes I have a square shaped body. What am I?

2.The poisonous Irukandji, found in northern Australian waters is what kind of animal? [J--------]

3.I am around 1.5 metres long. If left untreated my bite can kil a human. I feed on mice and rats, small birds, and lizards. What am I? [B---- S----]

4.Females are about 1cm long and the males about 4mm long. I am found all over Australia. I am usually found under logs, bricks, sheds and outdoor toilets. What am I? [--- ---- ------]

5.I usually attack my prey once and then allow it to bleed to death. I have been known to attack small whales. I range between 3.5 to 5 meters long. What am I? [----- ----- -----]

6.If I lose a tentacle I can grow a replacement. I feed on small sea creatures and wounded fish. What am I? [B--- R--- -------]

7.How many of the planet's ten most deadly snakes can be found in Australia?

8.Not usually thought of as poisonous, mature males have a pair of short spurs each hooked-up to a venom gland that makes a viciously painful toxin. I am famous for my bill. What am I?

9.Known by a single name I am really a collection of about 35 different species of spiders. Dogs and cats can survive 100 times the venom dose that can kill a human. What am I? [------ --- ------]

10.I have caused at least 5,567 recorded deaths since 1954. It's been suggested that my toxin is so painful people have drowned themselves to stop the pain. What am I?

11.I have been known to kill sharks. I thought to be willing to attack anything that moves. I have been known to cut humans in half. What am I?

12.My name contains another animals name. I am related to the Lion Fish. Long spines on my dorsal contain enough poison to kill. What am I? [S------- ----]

13.I am the most venomous fish in the world. Pain from my poison was so painful that in the past it has resulted in the immediate amputation of the affected limb. What am I? [S---- F---]

14.According to the National Coroners Information System which three animals cause the most human deaths in Australia?

15.I am the 9th deadliest snake in the world found everywhere in Australia. What am I? [D---- A----]

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