Australian 2011 NEWS Events Trivia Questions & Answers

1.In May 2011 Australia's the longest-serving head of government resigned. Which state or territory did he lead?

2.In May 2011 Virgin Blue Airlines was renamed to?

3.In June 2011 Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police resigned due to an Ombudsman' report that claimed he had released misleading crime statistics. What is his name? [----- O-------]

4.Often in the news in 2011, where is Villawood Immigration Detention Centre located?

5.In June 2011 hundreds of Australian flights are suspended due to an ash cloud that came from an eruption in?

6.In June 2011 Kim Scott won which award for her novel That Deadman Dance?

7.In January 2011 David Bartlett announced his resignation as Premier of which state or territory?

8.In May 2011 Terry Jenner died. Which sport did he play?

9.The 2011 internet trend/meme involving pictures of people lying flat on top of objects was known as?

10.As at June 2011, the National Broadband Network is estimated to cost how much over its 10 year construction period?

11.In June 2011 an Australia man was featured in an iconic photograph depicting a kiss taking place during a riot in?

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