Alcoholic Drinks Trivia Questions & Answers

1.I am thought to have been invented in Hussong's Cantina in Mexico in 1941. I contain tequila and lemon or lime juice. I am a? [---------]

2.I am a fortified wine known to some as Vinho do Porto and to others as merely? [----]

3.A Gibson cocktail contains gin, vermouth and?

4.A cocktail made with triple sec, vodka, cranberry juice and lime juice. I am a?

5.Chardonnay grapes, used in the production of white wine originated in the Burgundy region in France. True or False?

6.Are there more Riesling or Merlot grapes grown in France each year?

7.Around the world beer usually contains what percentage of alcohol content?

8.The earliest known chemical evidence of beer was found in western Iran, it dates back to?

9.If a Scotch is Single-Malt this means that it contains?

10.Traditionally Vodka has an alcoholic content of? (by volume

11.Beefeater is a brand of?

12.I am a popular shot, combining Sambuca and Irish cream liqueur. [Slippery ------]

13.In a single season, an acre of grapevines can produce how many bottles of wine?

14.The year on a bottle of wine is?

15.Where would you find wine legs?

16.A classic martini is garnished with olives, while a Gibson martini is garnished with what?

17.Whose first-ever line in a talkie was "Gimme a whiskey, ginger ale on the side. And don't be stingy, baby!" in the 1930 film "Anna Christie"?

18.The Long Bar at Raffles Hotel in an Asian island nation is home to which popular cocktail? [-------re -li--]

19.Rapper Busta Rhymes had a 2002 hit with which is song featuring an alcoholic beverage?

20.The Greek liqueur ouzo is flavoured with what?

21.What is added to an alcoholic drink when it is ordered "neat"?

22.A cocktail consisting of crme de menthe, crme de cacoa and cream is named after which insect? [---ss-----r]

23.What alcoholic beverage is Homer Simpson's drink of choice?

24.What drink is traditionally served at the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs in the US?

25.Which TV sitcom featured the main characters running their own microbrewery and making Buzz Beer?

26.Absolut vodka was first exported from which country in 1979?

27.What fungus is used in the winemaking process in some wines like French Sauternes to increase the sugar content? [N---- r-t]

28.Besides whiskey and bitters, what is typically in Manhattan?

29.What French liqueur made by Carthusian monks comes specifically in green and yellow varieties?

30.In the 1995 film "GoldenEye," James Bond places the drink order "[---k- ------i] -- shaken, not stirred."

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