City of Adelaide Trivia Questions & Answers

1.The city was named after the Princess Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen, the queen consort and spouse of?

2.I am a British military officer and the first Surveyor-General of the Colony of South Australia. I am one of the city's founding father. Who am I? [Colonel ------- -----]

3.We are the group of Indigenous Australians who were the first settlers in the area. We are the people of?

4.Adelaide has convict settlements just like other Australian cities of Sydney, Hobart, Brisbane and Perth?

5.By 2010 how many South Australian Football League premierships had the Port Power won?

6.What is the first foreign university to open in Adelaide?

7.Which of these American musicians lived in Adelaide after getting married to an Australian?

8.I am an Australian star of a famous American TV Series. I have won a Golden Globe for my portrayal as an FBI Agent and an Emmy Award for my portrayal of a character in Frasier. I am?

9.What is Guy Sebastian's first album after winning the Australian Idol in 2003?

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