Abbreviations & Codes of Australia Trivia Questions & Answers

1.Abbreviation for ANZAC.

2.What does QANTAS stand for?

3.What is the full name of the CSIRO?

4.The EPBC Act, administered by the federal department concerned with the environment is more properly known as? [The E---------- P--------- and B----------- C----------- Act]

5.In sport what is the SANFL?

6.What is the slogan of AAMI insurance?

7.If you become a member of the FPA, what is your profession likely to be?

8.In the legal world if you researched the CLR, you would be using the? [C----------- l--- r------]

9.In mathematics, the informal synonym of QED, W to the fifth power stands for? [W---- w-- w--- w- w-----]

10.In the word of computer databases, if a database is said to be in 3NF, it is in? [third ------ ----]

11.In the world of horse racing, what is the AJC?

12.The internet DNS is more fully known as the?

13.A lawyer who is an SC is a?

14.If the prime minister was attending CHOGM she would be attending The?

15.What is the full name of the organisation known as ASIS?

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