Abbreviations & Codes Trivia Questions & Answers

1.At the end of an explanation, what does QED stand for? [Quod e--- demonstran---]

2.Abbreviation for AWOL.

3.In the world of computing, what does BASIC stand for? B-------- All-Purpose Symbolic I---------- C---]

4.BCC (on an email or memo)

5.A BLT sandwich contains? [B---- L------ and T-----]

6.Abbreviation for ETA.

7.Abbreviation for FBI.

8.Abbreviation for GMT.

9.Abbreviation for IBM.

10.In a text message or email, what is meant by IMHO?

11.In France, what is a TGV? [H--- S---- T----]

12.In radio and signalling, what does KHz mean? [K--------]

13.In the American television series The OC - what does OC stand for?

14.In which country might you watch RTE television channel?

15.In the sporting world, the IOC is the?

16.A librarian would know that ISBN stands for?

17.What does LASER stand for? [L---- A------------ by S-------- Emission of R--------]

18.What does NASA stand for?

19.What does NATO stand for?

20.Pre-decimal money was described by the initials LSD. What did the D stand for? A clue: it's Roman. [D----ii]

21.In the world of football in the UK, what does QPR stand for?

22.If a ship is RORO then it is? [---- -- ---- ---]

23.RSVP stands for? [R-------- S-- V--- P----]

24.What is the full name of the nation UAE?

25.In international affairs what does the acronym UNESCO stand for? [U----- N------ E----------, S--------- and C------- Organization]

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