Our Planet Trivia Questions & Answers

1.What sort of creature is a Mandrill?

2.What sort of creature is a Quetzal?

3.What sort of creature is a Yellowhammer?

4.What type of animal is a Caracal?

5.What type of animal is a Margay?

6.What type of animal is a Nilgai?

7.What type of bird is a Lory?

8.What type of bird is a Yaffle?

9.What type of creature is a Pacific Sea Wasp?

10.What type of creature is a Tai Pan?

11.What, on average is the longest snake in the world?

12.Catadromous fish?

13.Which animal is the symbol for the Worldwide Fund for Nature (World Wildlife Fund)?

14.Which appropriately named the animal, found in Central and South America, is the loudest land animal in the world?

15.Which are the largest remaining species of lizards in the world? [------ Dragon]

16.Which bird is known as the laughing jackass? [K---------]

17.Which gaseous element forms the largest proportion of the earth's atmosphere?

18.Which giant planet takes approximately 165 Earth years to orbit the sun?

19.Which has the longest lifespan?

20.Which is North America's only marsupial? [-------]

21.Which is referred to as the Red Planet?

22.Which is the most abundant metal in the earth's crust, and the third most abundant element of all?

23.Which is the only bird from which we get leather? [-------]

24.Which is the only type of bird which can fly backwards?

25.Which is the second planet from the sun?

26.Which is the tallest living mammal?

27.Which is the world's longest type of grass?

28.Which long-bodied, short-legged dog has the breed, Cardigan Welsh?

29.Which metallic element has the symbol Na?

30.Which species contains the most poisonous animal in the world?

31.Which sweet syrup is produced by bees from the nectar of flowers?

32.Which toxic gas has the Chemical formula CO?

33.Which two planets are closer to the Sun than the Earth?

34.Which weather phenomenon takes its name from the Spanish words for 'the little boy' because it generally occurs around Christmas?

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